Career Options In HGV Industry

Regardless of the numerous misconceptions about being an HGV driver, there are lots of folks who consider a career in this business. Just as the HGV drivers do not reflect an attractive way of life, they earn quite hefty salaries for their hard work and have very good odds of moving into advanced positions as soon as they prove their ability. <!–More–>

There are lots of misconceptions about the HGV business, the most outstanding one being that a career in the business is intended for men only which isn’t the case. As much as the amount of female drivers is significantly less than that of men, it will indicate that the business is just for men. The amount of female HGV drivers is gradually but steadily on the increase. This amount could have been considerably higher if only the present generation could look past the sex factor and initiate a paradigm shift so far as sex harassment is worried.

Despite HGV employees facing specific challenges, it enjoys several benefits that other businesses can only imagine. A few of the benefits of working from the HGV industry include your prerogative to determine the amount of work you can manage, if you need to work. The other benefit is the flexibility of the working hours. For those with no families, they could work for long hours and make more money. On the other hand, for those with families, they’re free to balance their time between family and work so they’re not kept far from their families for long due to work.

Another benefit of working in the market is that the amount of working hours are reduced to 48 in the previous 65 hours per week with a minimum pay of 26,000 and a maximum of 34,000 pounds yearly. This pay is much much better than the national average in different industries. With the technological progress, the working conditions of HGV drivers have tremendously enhanced through the introduction of new trucks that aren’t only comfortable but also come music for your amusement. The trucks also include air-conditioning in addition to GPS system which makes it a lot easier for the driver to pick the best routes for his deliveries.

As soon as you’ve had sufficient experience as a HGV driver, you will find opportunities in the market for one to maneuver advance your career in the HGV market. After you’ve proved yourself as a capable HGV driver for a decent time period, you can be promoted to the position of a teacher to train learners who wish to become HGV drivers in addition to teaching them all of the skills in addition to how to drive safely to successfully make it in their HGV tests. If you want to learn more about delivery driver jobs, you may visit driving recruitment agency.

As a teacher, you may plan customized classes for each student after analyzing the student’s knowledge and skills to ensure after successfully completing the classes, the student should be able to:

  • Assess the vehicle for basic maintenance
  • Control the automobile with confidence
  • Comprehend the law and Highway Code
  • Understand road safety
  • Understand How to deal with emergencies

After acquiring excellent experience as a teacher, you’ll be qualified to be a specialist teacher, which will be a higher position in the HGV market. This position entails training other workers for the business on site rather than hiring one from someplace else or training among the workers for the job.

Job Description

The HGV driver is given the use of transporting heavy goods from one customer to another within the uk or many regions within the EU. This kind of transport may potentially be from one pier to another, from warehouse to customer, from factory to warehouse, from warehouse to retailers or from another designated destination.


HGV drivers twill typically transport goods by forcing a trailer, rigid truck, tanker or specific transporter. Driving an HGV vehicle can be a really demanding job, mostly because the driver is usually necessary to work about 40 hours per week plus an extra 5 to 10 hours per week in some instances. But a designated rest day was implemented by the authorities.

Required Skills

This kind of vocational activity requires no formal education or scholastic training. A prospective driver must have a basic comprehension of English and math, and, also training and expertise in professional driving. They must also have a knowledge of the different traffic rules across countries and states, acute navigation skills on the street and a relatively extensive background in auto mechanics. A basic knowledge of mathematics is vital because the HGV driver has to have the ability to finish paperwork and record sheets sensibly. An HGV driver should have good eyesight, great health: the driver will have to pass a health examination and they must also maintain decent physical condition meaning that the driver has to be able to load and unload goods.

Additional Responsibilities

An HGV driver is a valuable asset to logistics and trucking companies. The job demands a great deal of responsibility as the driver needs to be capable and dependable to make sure the deliveries are made on time and in the right destination. The load he or she carries needs to be procured, and the dangers of hijacking and mishaps are matters that the driver will have to expect with each journey. An HGV driver could have an assistant to help her or him unload the vehicles. Additionally, since the driver will need to make contact with clients he should have a certain degree of interpersonal skills.