Hiring The Right Employee

A lot of new start ups talk about bringing on awesome talent. Now, when you’re a startup, there’s a lot of risk involved and the upside to bringing on partners is that the reward potential is massive. Sometimes employees might get nervous working for a new company with the uncertainty of stability in the job. An excellent place to start is bringing on interns, as they are often willing to work for nothing (maybe a small “thank you” gift) in exchange for the experience they will gain. A big issue with this is if you’re new and busy and likely won’t give them a great experience, a lot of the time you might find they’re just in the way.find the best talent

Solution? Go temporary. They often have a bit more experience to begin with and are used to the idea that it might not be stable as that’s exactly what they’re looking for, something temporary. There are a number of temporary job listings found online, many of which are a good place to promote your job opportunities.


Another important idea for people to keep in mind is if you’re moving to a new city. If you find yourself moving from coast to coast or even within the same province, say from big busy Vancouver, BC to Kamloops, you might find it more challenging to secure a role. If that’s what you’re finding, then definitely don’t hesitate to check out Platinum as they are the number one in job posting and recruiting, specifically to the Vernon / Kelowna markets in British Columbia.

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