Work With Burke: Quality Designs For Your Website

Everyone is speaking about new kinds of promotion. However, attempting to grow a web property which wasn’t assembled properly from the beginning through things such as social media marketing is like attempting to put a jet engine on a car. Yeah, it might go a little quicker, but it is still not likely to fly. You need return visitors sustained expansion and subscribers — not one off traffic. And, your site has to be setup for this.

If your competition implemented a powerful, search engine friendly CMS, for instance, and consistently adds brand new, relevant content which builds traffic and links from the societal web, sites, and other sites, you can throw all of the promotions and ads in the world in your dated design and you will not ever see it grow.

Therefore, I will let you in on 10 tips on the best way best to choose a web design company to design your .Com for your shop, organization, website, or whatever it is that you’re developing a site for:

1) Check out some of the additional sites the designer has created

All creative designers have a unique design to them and certain elements common too. They develop. Read through the sample websites on theirs. Com’s portfolio and make sure their style is in line with how you see your brand.

2) Speak with the designer, inform him/her what your needs are

A great designer will be completely honest with you and be pleased to tell you exactly his/her capabilities. A great designer’s indication is .Com speak to you is and really get to know you. That is beyond and above, and that which separates the good.

3) Don’t choose a designer that promises to get you to the front of Google

That isn’t your designer’s job. It’s their job to put up you using the resources that your website can get to the front of Google and your site is coded with SEO in mind. Any designer that promises this up front for a favorite term, I’d be exceedingly tired of.

Organic search engine visitors is grown with a sustained addition of endurance and content to your own. Com as time passes. A blog is an excellent way to reach this without bloating the content of your site.

4) Don’t hire a design agency that will bill you even a cent to make minor alterations to replicate on your . com

Every terrific website is a work in progress. There is no such thing as a product within this space, all businesses develop, change and upgrade. The tools exist today so that someone in your business can make changes and additions to a . com. Following the steps I have above, a fantastic designer will spend some time (or at least give you documents) on how best to operate your CMS. It’s really simple with something and modern ones you can learn without work. If you’re paying money to produce text alterations to your .Com after everything was set up, you’re being ripped away.

5) Hire a designer who blogs, burke designs and uses the net in their free period

I may be biased in saying this, but these are the type of individuals with true enthusiasm for the web and for what they are doing. Once you work with somebody who spends a great deal of their lifetime on the internet will be better. They understand this distance and understand usability better.

6) Do not separate the design and coding of your . com

You want one individual or business conceptualizing, designing and implementing your . com. Splitting this is never a fantastic idea and you will never get as good a product as you will if what’s done with a single person. Logically and to get the item that is best, maintain everything done.

7) Do independent the Internet design and the outside marketing

Again I may be biased, but I never think it’s a fantastic idea to allow your layout agency to do things like execute your AdWords campaign or make social media campaigns for you. There are agencies that specialize in that, and the right marketing team can make it pop up, in case you have the web merchandise that is right. From personal experience, I have not seen many design bureaus nail the marketing/PR end of things.

8) Do not hire a designer who creates sites in most Flash

We have all heard the news that Google can search Flash now. I don’t like this, and many people despise it. It increases load time (one of the most significant things for your . Com is fast load time), doesn’t work on all browsers (especially mobile) and Flash websites generally aren’t very usable or blank.

9) Got a web addict at your business? Bring them into the process!

People who view tens of thousands upon thousands of web sites, blogs and social networks have a keen eye on what works and what does not, what looks spammy and what is accurate, etc.. They will want to get involved and help you make something when there’s someone on your team who’s passionate about internet stuff. They will have the ability make sure they are able to create the right and to interact well with potential designers .com for you.

10) Hire a designer Who’s recommended/referred by someone Who’s web-savvy

There’s a reason I only link to specific performers on this blog. I have worked with them in creating successful .Coms, or I’ve been incredibly impressed by their work. The designers producing the websites on the planet and are in high demand due to referrals for being on the edge. Finding a web designer, even via a referral by someone you trust is probably the best way.

Again, having appropriate design is simply the first step. It is a commitment to receive your website a decent amount of traffic that is steady and to control Google. It’s a continuous process from your group for a time after your designer completes their work before you’ll see results.


Burke & Burke Design is an award-winning husband and wife creative partnership. Since 1985, Halifax’s original boutique marketing firm has grown to provide comprehensive strategic marketing and creative solutions for an ever-widening clientele, which run the gamut from local mom & pop startups to publicly-traded nationals in the Maritimes, across Canada, and as far away as Arizona and India.